Having trouble finding great patent associates For Drafting Work?

Draft Builders’ on-demand and scalable platform provides law firm patent practices with the drafting capabilities of a vetted network of highly-experienced, pedigreed, and US-based patent attorneys

For Law Firms

Get on-demand access to experienced patent attorneys. Scale work up and down without fixed costs.

For Drafters

Work on the world’s most innovative patent portfolios while choosing when and how you work.

Top Quality • Competitive Fixed Fees

Draft Builders is filling a gap in the market for high-end, domestically-based patent outsourcing. We help busy patent preparation & prosecution teams handle surges in drafting work and scale their practices without additional hiring and management overhead. 

  • Our Consistent, High-Quality Work Product is a reflection of the talented professionals involved in its preparation plus our strict quality controls.

  • Our Low, Fixed Fees leave plenty of room in the budget for your firm’s value add through strategic counseling and oversight of Draft Builders’ work.

Managing Outsourced Patent Projects Has Never Been Easier

Proven Talent

Draft Builders’ team of expert and highly-credentialed patent attorneys are each vetted and must meet a set of minimum requirements. Each drafter (1) was trained at an elite general practice firm or major patent boutique, (2) has 10+ years of practice experience, and (3) is US-located & USPTO-registered.

Efficient Quality

Draft Builders uses advanced technology to take lean production in patent services to a whole new level, minimizing waste at every opportunity. Strict document guidelines and quality assurance procedures ensure a consistent quality work product across Draft Builders’ team of elite patent attorneys.

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