Reimagine patent work

For Businesses

We partner with you to provide the right patent preparation capacity to meet your ever-changing needs.

For Law Firms

We can amplify your firm’s value add to clients and help you handle surges in patent preparation work.

For Drafters

Work on the world’s most innovative patent portfolios while choosing when and how you work.


Draft Builders provides high-quality and consistent patent application documents ready for pre-filing review. We leverage proprietary auto-drafting and document assembly technologies that use practitioner-written claims and other patent parts as input.

Depending on your specific needs, the practitioner-written components can be provided by your organization’s patent counsel or from Draft Builders’ US-based team of expert and highly-credentialed USPTO-registered patent practitioners.

Our advanced technology platform enables Draft Builders to provide a level of work product quality from top patent talent that would otherwise be impossible at Draft Builders’ aggressive fixed fees.

Proven Talent

Draft Builders’ team of expert and highly-credentialed patent practitioners are each vetted and must meet a set of minimum requirements. Each practitioner (1) was trained at an elite general practice firm or major patent boutique, (2) has a certain experience level, and (3) meets personal prosecution performance metrics.

Efficient Quality

Draft Builders uses advanced technology to take lean production in patent application preparation to a whole new level, minimizing waste at every opportunity. Strict document guidelines and quality assurance procedures ensure a consistent quality work product across Draft Builders’ team of elite practitioners.

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