PRESS RELEASE – Specifio Partnership

SPECIFIO Partners with DRAFT BUILDERS to Provide a Premium US-Based Outsourced Patent Drafting Service 

MARINA DEL REY, CA, Jan. 7, 2020 — The patent document automation company Specifio today announced a partnership with Draft Builders, an outsourced patent preparation platform. Draft Builders is not a law firm and does not file patent applications, but rather produces near-final draft patent applications for its customers’ filing counsel to review and finalize ahead of filing. “Draft Builders provides on-demand patent preparation capacity for corporate patent departments and law firms that is consistent, high-quality, and aggressively-priced,” says Ian Schick, CEO and founder. “At the same time, the platform provides an ad libitum way for qualified independent and law firm practitioners to monetize their own time and patent skills.”

The alliance between Specifio and Draft Builders marries an advanced technology layer with a network of vetted US-based registered patent practitioners. Each practitioner in the Draft Builders network is screened and must meet a set of minimum requirements. These prerequisites require that each practitioner (1) was trained at an elite general practice firm or major patent boutique, (2) has a certain experience level, and (3) meets personal prosecution performance metrics.

Draft Builders has licensed a suite of proprietary tools from Specifio that are deployed and operated by Draft Builders, thus saving both customers and network practitioners from the chores of procurement, implementation, training, maintenance, etc. Draft Builders assembles patent application documents using network-practitioner-drafted content, auto-generated content, and application templates generated to mimic nearly any specific document or the document styles associated with different law firms or assignees. 

“Draft Builders is filling an unmet need in the patent preparation market with a US-based option for premium and scalable outsourced patent preparation,” says Schick. The best drafters and the best technology gives Draft Builders an edge over other outsourcing options with superior quality, consistency, and value.

About Draft Builders

Draft Builders bridges busy patent practices with a network of vetted US-based registered patent practitioners. Workflow, conflicts safeguards, and quality assurance are managed by Draft Builders, while the latest technologies in patent automation maximize the added value of network practitioners. Interested parties should email or visit to inquire about becoming a customer or joining the Draft Builders network.

About Specifio

Specifio is a leader in patent automation technologies. Specifio provides a fully-automated service to registered practitioners for generating software-related, first-draft patent applications. In addition, Specifio provides an automatic patent proofreader, BluePencil, and develops custom tools for partnering entities. For more information, email or visit